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Strategy and values

Where people and business thrive.

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Our strategy

The customers choose us, we deliver sustainable value creation and we find the solutions together. This is how DNB becomes a place where we provide excellent growth conditions for customers, society and our employees. This describes how we want it at DNB.

Our strategy is based on the approach that we succeed best when we build on our strengths and make use of the opportunities around us. The Group’s strategy is set up to guide us to meet the requirements of the world around us.

Good financial results give us an increased opportunity to invest in better services. The same goes for the work of identifying and managing any risk that may stand in the way of our target attainment, and of ensuring compliance. This is how we maintain trust from customers, owners, authorities, employees and society. It also ensures a stable foundation for the path to long-term sustainable value creation.

Strategic ambitions

The customer chooses us

We strive to ensure that the customer chooses us. We want customers to see us as proactive and innovative, while also being reassuring and open to listen. We will explore new business models that are based on data and digital solutions. Our technology allows us to get closer to our customers and to be more relevant in their everyday lives. Every time we make a decision, we take into account the customer’s needs first.

We work to strengthen long-term relationships and to be a safe partner for the customer. We must always strive to maintain a high level of trust and a sound reputation, and wish to enthuse and engage the customer at each meeting.

We deliver sustainable value creation

We build profitability by utilising our strengths and making choices that improve us as a bank in the long term. We will ensure that tomorrow’s digital architecture is based on a data basis that provides optimal solutions. Our opportunities for innovation are expanded via modernisation processes and more effective IT systems. This is how we create sustainable systems and services without compromising stability, security or existing solutions.

We are promoters of the sustainable transition, and we will actively help customers to move in a more sustainable direction. We will create profitable growth and make choices that stand the test of time.

We find the solutions together

DNB is made up of the people who work here. We raise each other’s levels and work as a team to deliver the solution to customers. We are always dependent on having the right expertise in the right place. That’s why the best people want to join us here, have room to grow here and stay here. Our team is diverse and inclusive, and we create positive changes together.

Our values

The values of curiosity, courage and responsibility are our guiding star.

We are curious when we are interested, engaged and seeking insight. In this way, we improve the everyday lives of customers and colleagues.

We are courageous when we lead by example. We dare to risk, fail and learn. We dare to speak up and challenge.

We are responsible when we do what is right and collaborate to get things done. We advise the customer to make good choices.

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