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Mergers and demergers - This is needed to make the job easy and the customer satisfied

It’s important to remember that

In a merger, the so-called acquiring company takes over all assets belonging to the transferring company.

In the case of a demerger, one or more corporations take over the assets, obligations etc., which according to the demerger plan shall be transferred to each individual company. When a formally registered merger/demerger is documented in the Register of Business Enterprises, we can help transfer accounts to new account holders.

How to move customer relationships

Before an account transfer can be carried out, a DNB customer relationship must have been established for the acquiring company. We recommend that you get in touch with your client manager at the bank. If you don’t have a client manager, you can easily apply for the acquiring company to become a customer below.

How to move loans and credits

If you have existing loans or credits that will be transferred to the acquiring company, you can contact your client manager at the bank.

How to move corporate online bank, accounts and agreements

For mergers/demergers, it’s important that the internet bank and payment products are set up for new entities as needed. Our experts will be happy to get in touch with you to ensure that accounts, the corporate internet bank and any agreements on accounts are set up for the new and, if applicable, old entities.

How to move your pension

You need to submit a form to change your organisation number. Scan completed Form for changing organisation number (PDF, Norwegian) and send in by email to pensjon.bedrift@dnb.no;

Do you need any help?

Please get in touch with our payment advisers. They are available on weekdays 08:00 - 16:00 by phone on 915 04800.

See our help pages

New client? We’ve put together what you need to remember!

The first step is to become a customer. You can then access your client’s accounts via two solutions, see 1) and 2) below. We recommend you have access to all of your clients’ accounts in your own corporate online bank in DNB. When you log in you will get a full overview of all of these.

How your client can become a DNB customer

You can easily become a corporate customer digitally, and you will get an account, cards and access to the online bank and mobile banking app completely free of charge.

You only pay for the use of services, there is no monthly fee. When we have received all of the necessary documentation, the account will be opened within two working days. The card normally arrives by post within one week. This applies to most companies with an organisation number, but there are exceptions where the process can take a little longer.

Would you like to become a corporate customer?

1) The accountancy office can get the client’s account into their online bank

  • The administrator of the accountancy office’s online bank can give access to accounts to the accountancy office’s online bank users
  • The client will not see the payments the accountancy office registers for payment on the due date and executes
  • Files can only be sent from one of the online banks (either the client or the accountancy office)

Important! When you have authorisation to use the client’s account you can also be given the right to order services on the client’s behalf. You can tick off for this on the signed authorisation. This is necessary if, for example, you want to order bank integration for the client’s accounts. 

You can easily apply for authorisation.

Apply for authorisation from the client

2) An accountant can be registered as a user in the client’s online bank

  • The administrator of the client’s online bank decides what the accountant can see, register and approve. This way, the company has full control
  • The client will see the payments the accountant registers for payment on the due date and executes
  • Both the client and the accountant can send files

The client will register you as a user when logged in to the corporate online bank. See instructions on how to do this on our help pages.

Help and advice

Auditor task - The service allows the auditor to order external confirmations from businesses

Via our partner Brevio, auditors can order external confirmations from all Norwegian banks, as well as Norwegian and international businesses. For DNB, this applies to customers with operations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

This is what accountants get with Brevio:

  • dashboard with a summary of the gathering process and automatic status updates
  • ability to send enquiries in just two minutes
  • automatic retrieval of information from the Brønnøysund Register Centre
  • Brevio follows up with the banks and sends reminders to those who need it.
Read more and order an audit statement

Integrated banking and accounting

Here you’ll find what you need to know about bank integration with an accounting system.

Read more about banking integration

Accounting approved payments (RGB)

Do you pay using the accounting system?

DNB offers Accounting Approved Payments (RGB), which makes it easy for you to approve the payments directly in the accounting system in a secure manner and complies with regulatory requirements. With RGB you don’t need to approve the payment files in the corporate online bank, and most accounting systems have made it possible.

In order to approve the payment files in the accounting system, your ERP/finance system must support pre-approved payments.

How to get started with pre-approved payments

How pre-approved payments work

Duration 1:37 minutes

What are you looking for?

No results for this combination

Incoming payment vouchers

You’ll find incoming payment vouchers in the corporate internet bank under the tab Payments - Incoming payments. Here you can select the period and click search.

You’ll also find vouchers for both incoming and outgoing payments under ‘New account information’/‘Recent transactions’ in the corporate online bank.

Is it regarding an incoming payment with KID number?
If all incoming payments with KID number in a sum post are not read into the accounting system, it’s most likely that the wrong KID number was entered against the payment.

You’ll need to open the file manually in your accounting program to find the payment details which you can use to find the sender in Nets’ Archive.

Outgoing payment vouchers

When a payment is complete, it will appear under History - Payments Summary. You will find these by going to the menu option Payments – Payment overview - History in the online bank. Here you’ll find payments going back up to 2 years.

How to do it: Go to Payment - Completed payments, select the account from the drop-down list. Enter the desired search criteria and click on "Search".

Tip: If you want to search for a longer period than one month, select Advanced search so you can enter a date range. Please note that you can only search for three months at a time.

Bank statements

You’ll find account statements in the corporate online bank under Account – Account statement.

You’ll find account statements by clicking on the information button (i) in the top right-hand corner of the online bank and select ‘Archive’. Here you’ll find documentation going back up to 10 years.

Can’t find your account statements?
This may be because you don’t have access to the account. The administrator in the corporate online bank can assign privileges to an account.
Find out how to assign privileges

Has the account or online bank been closed?
If the account, online bank or customer account has been closed you’ll need call us on +47 915 04800 to retrieve documentation.

Card transactions

When using cards, your purchase receipt is the voucher. The bank only has access to the description text.

You will find the description under Account - Recent transactions/New Account information.

If you’d like a summary of card usage, a separate corporate card summary is produced at the end of each month. You will find this under Account – Account statements.

annual statement

Useful information:

  • Year-end statements are NOT produced on sub-accounts in a group account system. The bank only calculates interest on the top account, and this is the only one a year-end statement is produced for
  • Year-end statements are only produced for Norwegian accounts

Note: Year-end statements are only produced if earned interest exceeds NOK 1. If earned interest is under NOK 1, you can use the last statement for the year.

The administrator will find the annual loan statements in their archive:

  1. Click on the information button (i) in the upper right-hand corner of the online bank and select ‘Archive’
  2. Choose message type ‘Year-end statement’
  3. Select the organisation number, period and click ‘Search’

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