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Grieghallen, Bergen - 16 April 2024

One Ocean Conference

One Ocean Conference 2024 has concluded. If you missed the event, you now have the opportunity to watch recordings of several keynote speeches.

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One Ocean Conference

Date:Tuesday 16th april
Place: Grieghallen
Adress: Edvard Griegs Plass 1
Time: 10:00 - 15:30
Venue: Peer Gynt-salen

Snack & mingle from 09:00

Collaboration Partners

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Bergen Næringsråd

Bergen næringsråd

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GCE Ocean Technology

Ocean Technology

NCE Seafood Innovation

NCE Seafood Innovation

Maritime CleanTech

Maritime Cleantech

Norway is today one of the world's leading ocean nations. Our coastline is one of the longest in the world, and we have a sea area that is more than five times larger than our land area. Every day, many thousands of Norwegians go to work in one of the ocean industries within energy, maritime or seafood.

One Ocean Conference is a joint initiative and meeting place for across ocean industries, research and academia with the purpose of promoting increased interaction, attractive, sustainable growth and expertise from west coast of Norway.

How can we ensure joint and proper cooperation to safeguard marine resources? Which new expertise and innovation are most central to the development? And how can we secure the right capital and financing for the future? This will be one of many topics that will characterize this year's conference.

Join us in meeting some of the country's leading players in the ocean industry and together find good opportunities in an uncertain world.

A life without the ocean?


Norwegians have lived off the sea for generations, and ocean-based industries are our most important source of value creation and tax revenues. What would happen if it went missing?

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