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Green loans for commercial property and residential projects

Image of building site with three project managers

Why does it pay to think green?

Green buildings generate lower operational and upgrade costs and a higher willingness to pay among tenants and investors. This can therefore result in a higher value than a corresponding building without the same credentials. By investing in green buildings, operators in the industry will also contribute to the green shift. Green buildings are more attractive to finance for the banks and provide grounds for green loans.

What are green loans?

Green loans must contribute to sustainable development and can be given to projects and investments in buildings with specific green credentials that satisfy DNB’s applicable criteria. A green loan offers better terms than a corresponding loan that is not green.

Our aim is to contribute a total of NOK 130 billion in financing for green property by 2025. This way we can support the green shift in the industry.

What are the criteria for getting a green loan?

A green loan can be given to construction projects that have achieved, or plan to achieve, one of the following certifications:

    Commercial property:
    Construction projects started from 01.01.2022: BREEAM NOR Excellent.
    Construction projects started prior to 01.01.2022: BREEAM NOR Very Good
    Residential projects:
    BREEAM NOR Very Good
  • BREEAM In-Use Excellent
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • LEED Gold
  • Environmental building Silver or equivalent (see the framework for details)

In addition, the building must meet the minimum energy class B.

Green construction loans (rehabilitation loans) can also be given based on a minimum 30 per cent energy improvement in existing buildings. To be able to offer green loans tied to a completed rehabilitated project, the building must reach the above criteria related to certification and energy class.

See link to DNB’s framework for green loans

Illustration of green property logo DNB

What do I need to do?

Certification and energy labelling are central to our assessment, and documentation of this is crucial in order to get green financing. If you have ambitions about a green project or building, get in touch with your adviser at the bank for an evaluation of the possibilities of green financing. If you don’t have a fixed contact person you can get in touch via the link below, and we’ll assist you further.

Contact us about a green loan

BREEAM NOR-certify a new building

BREEAM-NOR is Norway’s leading environmental certification system for buildings and is managed by the Norwegian Green Building Council. A BREEAM-NOR certificate documents quality.

  • BREEAM-NOR – Norwegian Green Building Council

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

For more information about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, as a building contractor you can contact Stiftelsen Miljømerking (Ecolabelling Norway) which manages the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in Norway.

Energy labelling

See how to obtain an energy label for your commercial property.

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