FATCA and CRS - Foreign Account Tax Compliance

More than 50 countries, included all countries where DNB is present (ex. USA), have signed international agreements to report tax information, FATCA and CRS.

Due to this we are required to provide information to local tax authorities about our customers, who are domiciled or resident for tax purposes, in one of the countries that have signed the above-mentioned agreements. Here you will find information about what this means and what you need to do.

What information do we need?

The information we need is:
  • Tax residence
  • Type of business
  • Whether the company has passive/active operating income/assets
  • Citizenship (private individuals)

We need this information to identify which of our customers we are under a legal obligation to report.

Self-certification form

The self-certification form must be signed by a person with signatory rights or an authorised position. Please return the form by mail.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1600 Sentrum
N-0021 Oslo

What is FACTA and CRS

What is the FATCA agreement?
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a United States federal law giving the US greater opportunities to identify and collect tax from US citizens and persons who are domiciled or resident for tax purposes in the US. (Source: The Norwegian Tax Administration)

What is the CRS agreement?
The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is an international framework for the automatic exchange of information on financial assets between tax authorities. The purpose is to prevent tax evasion in other countries. (Source: The Norwegian Tax Administration)

Other information

All information we receive in this connection is treated confidentially in accordance with the bank's duty of confidentiality and will not be used for any other purposes, such as marketing.  

As DNB cannot provide tax advice, we ask you to contact your local tax authorities or your auditor if you have questions on how to complete the self-certification form.

For more information about international tax reporting

» The Norwegian Tax Administration: International reporting (CRS and FATCA)
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