Interest rates for Corporate clients

The interest rates quoted below are variable and per annum unless other specified.

For further information about interest rates on deposits, please contact your account officer in DNB or call Corporate Client Service on (+47 915) 04800.

Current account and Client account Interest rate
Interest rate 0.05 %

Savings account corporate
Balance                                                               Interest rate
Interest rate                                         
  • 12 free withdrawals per calendar year plus withdrawal of last year’s earned interest.
  • Provides favorable conditions for the placement of excess liquidity.
  • Only one account per client may be established

Fixed rate deposits account
The interest rate is locked in for an agreed period. The current terms and rates are as follows:
Fixed rate period Interest rate
The following rates apply for deposits at least NOK 25 000 and maximum NOK 8 mill:
One-year fixed rate period - until 16.12.2019
Two-year fixed rate period - until 15.12.2020

1.60 %
1.80 %
The following rates apply for deposits between NOK 8 mill and NOK 20 mill:
One-year fixed rate period - until 16.12.2019

1.20 %
  • The minimum deposit is NOK 25 000
  • The maximum amounts apply per customer per sales period. If you plan to deposit more than NOK 20 million per sales period, irrespective of length of the fixed term, we recommend that you contact DNB Markets telephone + 47 22 01 76 50 or e-mail
  • The funds are tied up until the maturity date. Any withdrawals before the maturity date are subject to a withdrawal fee, which is calculated as 1 % of the withdrawn amount for the remaining time to maturity.