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Disclaimer DNB Private Banking


The content you will find on this portal, including videos, podcasts and other broadcasts, is to be regarded as marketing material from DNB and is intended to be a general savings guide. The content of this portal should not be seen as an offer to buy or sell financial instruments or as investment advice tailored to the individual investor’s situation.

Any investor who needs advice or who has questions about the information given should contact a financial adviser.

DNB accepts no liability, either for direct or indirect losses, resulting from the content of the portal being used as the basis for investment decisions. Remember that historical returns are never a guarantee of future returns. Returns may be negative as a result of mark-to-market losses. Neither is the use of forecasts to calculate future returns any guarantee of future returns.

The contents of the portal are based on information from publicly available sources that DNB considers reliable, but which are not independently verified, and DNB therefore offers no guarantee of accuracy and completeness. All statements here reflect DNB’s, the individual employee’s or other third parties’ assessments at the time of the broadcast in question and may subsequently change without prior notice.

The rules of confidentiality and internal rules limit information between parts of DNB, and this can prevent employees in DNB from using or knowing of information available in other parts of DNB that may be relevant to recipients.

DNB Bank ASA (organisation number 984 851 006), is a member of the Norwegian Securities Dealers Association and is subject to supervision by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. DNB Asset Management (organisation number 880 109 162), is a member of the mutual associations of the mutual funds and is also subject to supervision by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Details regarding the scope of local regulatory regulations outside Norway are available on request. Further information about DNB Bank ASA and DNB Asset Management AS can be found at www.dnb.no.

DNB Bank ASA carries out various investment services and ancillary services for issuer companies through DNB Markets. An overview of the companies to which such services are offered can be found in the overview for DNB Markets.

The DNB group, the individual DNB employees and other persons who take part in the broadcast may hold shares, bonds or other instruments associated with the companies, or shares in the mutual funds that are discussed

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