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Family Office

Family Office offers leading solutions for families with large assets. We combine the best the Group has to offer to help families manage their assets.

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Get help managing the family fortune

DNB Private Banking has a dedicated, specialist team that for several years has been managing large family fortunes with complex and individual needs within all financial areas. We are specialists in tailoring solutions using the bank’s full expertise and breadth of offerings.

We have advisers with comprehensive and in-depth experience, who know the whole group very well. For our customers, this helps ensure to efficient and optimal solutions.


DNB Occasione

What makes some leaders extraordinary? Is this something that can be learned, or are they innate qualities?

DNB Occasione is a management development programme. It has been put together based on a clear belief that good leadership skills can be acquired. As a participant in Occasione, you will learn leadership with an emphasis on personal growth and development.

The programme lasts for two years and consists of seven meetings. The content is a combination of self-development, management development and training. Please contact your adviser if you would like more information about the programme.

Azets, accounting for investment companies


We have a partnership with Azets that offers effective services with expertise in investment advice and accounting. Azet’s accounting processes have been integrated with DNB Private Banking’s investment portfolios, so all transactions will be seamlessly imported into the accounts.

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