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DNB Senior Day 2022

Now you can see the recording of DNB Senior Day, a digital event for future pensioners with tips on how you can prepare for the transition – both financially and mentally.

Watch your favourite part of DNB Senior Day again

Good tips for planning your pension withdrawals

Sølve Rund Larsen and Nina Frivold from DNB talk about where you’ll find the overview of your pension rights and what to think about when you’re planning to retire.

Smart choice of money as a pensioner

Hallgeir Kvadsheim talks about how, as a pensioner, you can make smart money choices, how pensioners spend money and what challenges you may encounter along the way.

Inheritance and future power of attorney

Åsmund Øvsthus explains how sensible use of a future power of attorney and will can make the future easier, both for yourself and your loved ones.

From employee to pensioner

Dora Thorhallsdottir discusses how to handle the big transition from working life to retirement.

What can you fill your days doing you’re retired?

DNT and the Seniors give you some great tips on what you can spend your days doing as a pensioner.

Interview: The transition from working life to retirement

May Ullnæs and Berit Skjerve share their experiences from the transition to retirement, both of planning senior life and how things are going today.


  • Eva Bratholm


    Senior Day Eva Bratholm

    Eva is a Norwegian journalist, author, adviser and programme manager. Among other things, she has been a foreign correspondent for NRK and a foreign reporter for Dagbladet.

  • Hallgeir Kvadsheim

    Writer and speaker

    Senior Day Hallgeir Kvadsheim

    Hallgeir has a Master of Science in Business and writes and talks about the personal finances of Your money, the Pengerådet (Money Advice) podcast and as a programme manager on the Luksusfellen (Luxury Trap) TV show.

  • Dora Thorhallsdottir


    Senior Day Dora Thorhallsdottir

    Dora Thorhallsdottir is a family therapist and has a master’s degree in communication. She currently works as a speaker on relationships, has her own podcast and is also a stand-up comedian.

  • Glenn Menkin


    Senior Day Glenn Menkin

    Glenn works at The Norwegian Trekking Association, the country’s largest outdoor organisation. He manages the outdoor activities department, which aims to get more people to experience the joys of outdoor life.

  • Gudrun Jebsen


    Senior Day Gudrund Jebsen

    Gudrun started the company Seniorene (Seniors) together with her husband in 2016. Seniorene hires future pensioners and pensioners who take on small jobs.

  • Sølve Rund Larsen


    Senior Day Stian Revheim

    Sølve is the manager of the SME market for pensions. He has extensive experience and expertise in savings, investment and pensions.

  • Ståle Frausing


    Senior Day Ståle Frausing

    Ståle is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Market Life and pensions at DNB. He has worked in pensions for the last 20 years and is devoted to ensuring a good customer experience.

  • Nina Frivold


    Senior Day Nina Frivold

    Nina has worked in selling and advising on pensions for 27 years. Nina is currently employed as a pension adviser at DNB.

  • Åsmund Øvsthus


    Senior Day Åsmund Øvsthus

    Åsmund is a lawyer at DNB with 15 years of experience from business law, courts and banks. In recent years, he has paid a lot of attention to inheritance and the division of an estate for the bank’s personal customers.

  • May Ulnæss


    Senior Day May Ullnæs

    May worked for 43 years before she retired four months ago. She participates on Senior Day to share her experiences about the transition from employee to pensioner.

  • Berit Skjerve


    Senior Day Berit Skjerve

    Berit worked her whole life and has been retired for the last five years. She participates in Senior Day to share her experiences about the transition to being a pensioner.

Plan your pension

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Get greater flexibility

Plan your retirement and get greater flexibility.

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