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Latest news about pensions

Here we’ve brought together some useful information for our pension scheme customers.

Automatic reporting via the a-melding (monthly report from employer)

What is a-melding?

As an employer, you must submit a monthly report via Altinn to NAV, Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Tax Administration about employees’ income, working conditions, withholding tax, employer’s contribution and financial tax for the company. This is called an a–melding.

a-melding with us

By using information about your employees directly from the a-melding, it will be easier for your company to keep the pension agreement updated and ensure that the employees have the correct pension savings.

We are in the process of transferring customers to a-melding. Your business will receive an email when the final date for the transition to the a-melding is ready.

What does the company have to do?

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We must be registered as a pension provider in the a-melding.

Our corporate registration number is 914 782 007 – DNB Livsforsikring.

Pensionable salary

Does the company have wage types beyond the mandatory ones and would the company like these to be pensionable? Let us know via the online bank, or call us.

Useful information

All employees must be registered with the correct salary and FTE fraction. The pension agreement is available in the online bank. It’s easy to change, even going back in time.


The company will still be responsible for ensuring that the pension agreement is correctly updated.

Updating information

We can request the necessary information, or ask you to confirm the information that has been updated.

After the changes have been made, the contact person will receive a receipt in the portal. It is important that you check the receipt so that we are sure the changes are correct.

A-melding FAQs

How often is the pension agreement updated?

Data from the a-melding is collected monthly, after the Norwegian Tax Administration’s deadline for the submission of a-melding has passed, which is the fifth of each month.

Which information can we collect?

- Employment date
- Termination date with reasons for ending
- Salary relevant to the pensionable income
- FTE fraction and/or hours
- If the employee is on leave or temporarily laid off

How is the FTE fraction determined?

For employees who have a permanent position, the FTE fraction stated in the a-melding will be used.

For employees on an hourly wage, the FTE fraction is calculated on the basis of the number of hours specified in the a-melding.

When is the employee removed?

De-registration occurs when we are notified of this the a-melding. The guide to completing the a-melding describe which codes will be used as the final reason.

Management of your pension

My pension profile is developed by managers with solid expertise from one of Norway’s largest and oldest asset managers.

Read more here

In DNB we take responsibility and sustainability seriously

We do not invest in businesses that operate in tobacco production, pornography, controversial weapons, companies with significant activities in coal and oil sands or businesses that are in violation of international standards and norms.

We also incorporate environmental, social and ownership management (ESG) factors into the investment decisions. We take the role as an active owner. This means that DNB engages in dialogue with companies and voting.

The reason for the dialogue may be specific issues related to ESG but may also be about raising the business’ general sustainability level.

The aim of the dialogue is to influence companies in a positive way. As a guide for defining goals and best practice, we’ve published several expectation documents.

Read more in the sustainability library
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