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Pensions for your employees

As our pension customer, we’ll help you look after your employees. That’s why we’ve developed a communications package.

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The communication package

We know from experience that communicating with employees can be challenging. We see that the companies that succeed best in communicating are those who work with this for their employees.

We’ve therefore created a package that includes:

  • the DNB savings app Spare
  • the Pension Journey
  • ePension
  • the Pensions Guidance Conversation
  • DNB Health.

The DNB savings app Spare

In the Spare app, your employees get a full overview of their pension.

DNB explains pension accounts to your employees

The Pension Journey

All employees receive a series of emails we call the retirement trip. In this communication, they gain knowledge about their pension and how they can influence their own pension.


All employees get easy access to information videos in the Motimate app. This is free for DNB customers. ePension contains everything you need to know in order to get control of your own pension.

ePension is available in Norwegian, English and Polish and the business can get a digital report to follow the implementation process.

ePension covers the information requirement that the company has for its employees in connection with the transition to a pension account that came 1.1.2021. Employees can register themselves.

The Pensions Guidance Conversation

The pension interview gives all employees over 60 years of age a thorough review of opportunities and consequences in connection with withdrawing their pension. After the conversation, your employees will receive a written document on the different scenarios.

DNB explains the pensions guidance conversation

DNB Health

DNB Helse is an offer for our customers as an extra benefit if you have disability coverage or other employee insurance with us. DNB Helse provides your employees with help and support in the event of small or large health problems and helps the company to prevent absence due to illness.

Frequently asked questions about pensions for your employees

Defined-contribution pension

A good defined-contribution pension gives your employees a sense of security.

The savings app Spare

Spare collects all your savings in one place. You will see savings accounts, BSU, pension savings, mutual funds and shares.

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