About DNB Næringseiendom

DNB Næringseiendom (DNB REIM) is a subsidary of DNB Livsforsikring and manages 886 000 sqm of property - primarily in office buildings, shopping centres and hotels. The total market value of the properties as per 31. March came to roughly NOK 27.3 billion. Our property holdings are predominantly in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stockholm (Sweden).
Business areas
• Letting of premises
• Providing property services for tenants
• Advice about purchasing, selling and developing commercial property

DNB Næringseiendom’s management

Gro BogeGro Boge (b. 1963)
Head of DNB Næringseiendom. Master degree in business and Financial Analysis certificate from NHH (The Norwegian School of Economics). She has worked in the DNB Group since 1988. She has 12 years of economic management experience and comptroller work from different business areas in DNB Bank. She headed the staff section in DnB NOR Asset Management and was the head of Economic Planning and Reporting and IT in DNB Næringseiendom from 2004 to 2009.

Anders AagensAnders Aagenæs (b. 1959)
Special adviser. Law degree from the University of Oslo. Formerly worked as a lawyer in the law firm Simonsen Føyen, where he was also a partner. Anders has worked in the DNB group since 2002, and prior to that he worked in Gjensidige NOR Næringseiendom as a lawyer.

Terje UlriksenTerje Ulriksen (b. 1954)

Head of business development in DNB Næringseiendom. He has a masters in business administration from NHH (The Norwegian School of Economics) and has worked in the Group since 1989. He started out as company secretary for the Forenede Group and has subsequently worked as the head of finance in Elcon Finans, Gjensidige Bank og Gjensidige NOR Spareforsikring. He moved to Vital in connection with the merger between then DnB and Gjensidige NOR in 2003 and initially worked in the finance department. He started working Vital Eiendom in the autumn of 2005.

Jens Petter BrtenJens Petter Bråten (b. 1959)

Head of the investment section in DNB Næringseiendom. He has a masters in business administration from NHH (The Norwegian School of Economics) and has held a number of customer-oriented jobs in the banking industry. He served as financial director in Sagatex ASA. He has worked in the DNB group since 1997, initially in the Shipping Division as a senior account officer in Bergen, and executive in London, and thereafter as a senior account officer in the Large Corporate section in Bergen.

Ole Chr. KnudsenOle Chr. Knudsen (b. 1958)

Head of the Office and Hotel section in DNB Næringseiendom. Business degree from the Norwegian Business School (Handelsakademiet) in Oslo. He has worked in the DNB group since 1990 and has worked with commercial property all of this time. He has been responsible for DNB Næringseiendom’s office and hotel portfolio since 2005.

Erlend Kaland SimonsenErlend Kaland Simonsen (b. 1966)

Head of the Technical Management unit in DNB Næringseiendom since February 2011. Degree in electro-engineering from Bergen Engineering School in 1991 and supplementary education in business administration. Held an operation and maintenance position in Kværner Oil & Gas and was head of the maintenance unit in Hansa Borg Bryggerier. Erlend started working in Vital Eiendom (now DNB Næringseiendom) in 2005

Lars KristiansenLars Kristiansen (b. 1969)
Director responsible for Shopping Centres and Hotels in DNB REIM. Lars has a bachelor’s degree from the Norwegian Hotel School, Stavanger University and broad management experience from national and international hotel groups. He has worked with hotel property in DNB REIM since 2007 and since 2012 has had responsibility for DNB REIM’s hotel portfolio. In 2015 he also took over responsibility for the shopping centre portfolio.

Tor Arild BolstadTor Arild Bolstad (b. 1974)

Director responsible for Business Support in DNB REIM. Tor Arild has qualifications as a business economist and state authorised auditor from the Norwegian School of Economics. He worked for 12 years for the audit firm PwC, where he was involved in audit and advisory work for medium-sized and listed companies in a number of sectors. He has worked for DNB REIM since 2010 and took over as Business Support Director in 2015.

Katrine Golden TvedtKatrine Golten Tvedt (b. 1971)

Director responsible for  Compliance and Risk Management in DNB REIM. Katrine has a law degree from Bergen University and a Bachelor of Management degree from the Norwegian Business School. She began in DNB REIM in 2008 as special adviser/lawyer and subsequently took on responsibility for quality management. Previous positions held include working as a lawyer in the Western Norway Tax Office.