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DNB Næringseiendom (DNB REIM) is a subsidiary of DNB Livsforsikring and manages 930 000 sqm of property - primarily in office buildings, shopping centres and hotels. The total market value of the properties as per 31. March 2022 came to roughly NOK 41.6 billion. Our property holdings are predominantly in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stockholm (Sweden).

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DNB REIM is a leading property company that covers the entire value chain within the segments; offices, shopping centres and hotels. DNB REIM is an investor and manager with a good profit record and strong financial position. Tenants and investors find that DNB REIM can be relied upon and can come up with good, modern and future-oriented solutions. DNB REIM is a leader in environmental measures and works systematically with a long-term approach to secure sustainable solutions.

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