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DNB believes environmental changes is one of the largest challenges of our time and presents both risks and opportunities. The DNB group will endeavour to reduce its own direct emissions of CO2 and other gases through continuous measurement and follow-up. DNB also follows up customers, companies in which the group invests and suppliers to the group to ensure that they do not breach DNB's environmental requirements.

ISO 14001

DNB REIM´s property business in now ISO 14001 certified. The certificate is valid until  March 2021 and covers; the purchase, sale development and management of property in Norway. We will focus on the environmental aspects; energy, waste and pollution.

This means that all DEVIATIONS and NEAR DEVIATIONS will be recorded. Deviations may include, for example; oil spillages, chemical containers that are incorrectly waste-sorted, office lighting that is left on overnight, etc. If you discover anything that should be regarded as a deviation, please notify servicesenter@dnb.no or contact us at 468 44 100. We will take a responsible approach to the environment.
Global compact=

The UN Global Compact is all about responsible business and has ten basic principles based on international conventions. We seek to conduct our business in line with the Global Compact.

Read the ten principles.


DNB REIM believes in a strong connection between high environmental standards and a high level of competitiveness.

DNB REIM will observe all statutory requirements from the authorities related to the external environment.
We will contribute to reducing the burden on the environment and climate by continuously promoting new patterns of behaviour, products, services and technical solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions.

DNB REIM will integrate the environment and climate in our day-to-day operations.
We will give our tenants additional value through increased profitability and a reduced environmental burden, as well as contributing to our tenants and other partners being able to reduce the burden they impose on the environment and climate.

DNB REIM will develop sustainable commercial buildings for the future.

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