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DNB Finsight

A liquidity tool that gives you an insight across the company structure, currencies and banks.

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  • Automated reports

  • Easy to implement

  • Accounts, loans and currency in one place

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What is DNB Finsight?

Finsight is a liquidity tool that offers insight across corporate structures, currencies and banks. Many businesses use DNB Finsight to get a full overview of their current and future liquidity, to save time and to be able to make better strategic choices.

DNB Finsight offers:

  • automatic presentation of data
  • proactive liquidity control
  • strategic decision making
  • reduced costs.

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Who is Finsight suitable for? 

Finsight is suitable for businesses that are currently using multiple systems or spreadsheets for liquidity control, and which would like to streamline daily operations. If you’d like to make better and quicker decisions, Finsight may be worth considering for your business. 

Finsight gives you better answers to: 

  • Who in the groups needs cash?
  • Which currency do we need more or less of?
  • Do we have liquidity to invest? 
  • Do we need a loan? 

DNB Finsight FAQ

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