Bank guarantees provide the buyer and seller with extra protection because DNB guarantees that the buyer’s payment obligations will be met.

Bank guarantee

  • Ensures payment for products and services
  • Ensures the performance of contactual obligations
  • Ensures repayment of advance payments
  • Guarantees that work is done and/or that deliveries are made on time
  • Lease of premises or equipment
  • Serves as collateral for loan
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The most common types of guarantee:

  • Tender guarantee: provides the beneficiary with financial remedy if the applicant does not fulfil tender conditions
  • Performance guarantee: protects the beneficiary from financial loss in the event that delivery is not made by the agreed date
  • Advance payment guarantees ensure repayment of received advanced payments in the event that the supplier fails to pay
  • Payment quarentees for invoices
  • Guarantees for lease agreements/tenancy guarantees
  • Loan guarantees for loans in another financial institution or between two contracting parties
  • Guarantees for customs and tax payments, required by law or regulations 
  • Licence guarantees required by public authorities