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Fixed rate deposits

A safe form of saving that gives you a predictable return and the same interest rate in the lock-in period regardless of rate changes in the market.

  • Predictability for your savings and low risk

  • Better interest rate than a normal corporate savings account

  • Choose from a range of lock-in periods

How do fixed rate deposits work?

With a fixed rate deposit, you lock in the money for a predetermined period of time. You can decide whether you want to lock in the interest rate for three months, six months or one or two years. For the entire lock-in period, you keep the interest rate regardless of whether the rate changes in the market. That way you know what return you’ll get on your money.

Fixed-rate deposits are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who want predictable savings and don’t want to take any risks.

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Interest terms fixed rate deposits

Locked-in for 3 months

Deposits from NOK 25 000 to 10 million

4,15 %

Deposits from NOK 10 million to 100 million

3,85 %

Locked-in for 6 months

Deposits from NOK 25 000 to 10 million

4,60 %

Deposits from NOK 10 million to 100 million

4,50 %

Locked-in for 1 year

Deposits from NOK 25 000 to 100 million

4,80 %

Locked-in for 2 years

Deposits from 25 000 to 100 million

4,35 %

Ved brudd på spareavtalen eller ved deluttak før bindingstidens utløp, beregnes det uttaksprovisjon på 2 % av uttaksbeløpet.

For larger amounts

If you would like to invest more than 100 million in a fixed income deposit account, please contact us by phone on 915 04800.

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