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Pension for employers

As an employer, you’re legally required to contribute to pension savings for your employees, but it’s also a good employee benefit. We’ve put together all the information you need right here.

Mandatory occupational pension

The mandatory occupational pension (scheme) Act says that the business must have a defined contribution pension for its employees.

Your business must have a pension if:

  • You have at least two employees who have working hours and salaries that constitute a minimum of a 75 per cent position.
  • You have one employee without an ownership interest in the business who has working hours and a salary that constitutes a minimum of a 75 per cent position.
  • You have people who have working hours and salaries that constitute a minimum of a 20 per cent position, and who together are equal to at least two FTEs
  • For self-employed people, different rules apply. Read more here

Statutory minimum requirements for pension savings:

  • You must save at least 2 per cent of the employee’s salary between 1 and 12G. (G stands for the National Insurance basic amount.)
  • The agreement must include a retirement pension and a waiver of contribution should they become incapacitated for work. The waiver of contribution ensures that the pension savings will continue even if the employee becomes incapacitated for work.

Automatic reporting via the ''a-melding''

Who is enrolled in the pension scheme?

DNB explains reporting via the a-melding.

Good investment solutions are important for providing employees with a good pension

My Pension Profile has been developed by managers with sound expertise at one of Norway’s largest and oldest asset management firms. The pension profiles have a broad selection of investments to ensure a good return relative to risk.

The broad selection spreads the risk while the down-weighting in the profiles reduces the risk as you approach retirement age.

As the employer, you can choose between two types of management – active and index-based

Active management

In pension profiles with active management, the goal is to achieve an especially good return relative to risk. Here the pension capital is invested in seven different asset classes.

Index-based management

In pension profiles with index-based management, the goal is to achieve a good return relative to risk, at the lowest possible cost. Here the pension capital is invested in six different asset classes.

Market reports

Read about what’s going in the market right now and follow the return every quarter.

Asset management and returns on the pension profiles

Investment manager Roy Thore Larsen talks about returns on the pension profiles in Q3 2021, what’s happening right now in the financial markets and that we’ve now added commercial property to the pension portfolio.

The Defined-Contribution Pensions Act and introduction of pension accounts from 1 January 2021

The Storting has made changes to the Defined-Contribution Pensions Act and the introduction of pension accounts.

Basically, the legislative amendment means that as an employer, you have an increased obligation to provide information, and that your employees must be given more influence over their own pensions.

Read more about pension accounts here

In DNB we take responsibility and sustainability seriously

We do not invest in businesses that operate in tobacco production, pornography, controversial weapons, companies with significant activities in coal and oil sands or businesses that are in violation of international standards and norms.

We also take into account environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors in our investment decisions. We take the role of an active investor, which means that DNB gets involved through dialogue with businesses and by voting.

The reason for the dialogue may be specific issues related to ESG but may also be about raising the business’ general sustainability level.

The purpose of the dialogue is to influence the businesses in a positive way. As a guide for defining goals and best practice, we’ve published several expectation documents.

Pension for your employees

As our pension customer, we’ll help you look after your employees. We’ve therefore developed a communication package.

How we can help you as an employer

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