Price list - Corporate Internet Bank

DNB Connect Internet Bank Price per month (NOK) Set-up (NOK)
Including one user 90.00 0.00
File collection   5.00
Security card   200.00
Security card (re-issuing)   400.00
Per additional user 40.00  
Upgrade from Basis to Integrated version   1,500.00
Access to an account held in another bank
50.00 (statements) 100.00
Account information from international bank, per account 50.00  
Integrated with the company's ERP system    
Includes one user 350.00
(new or upgrade)
Per additional division   100.00
Set-up of OCR agreement   500.00
Same charges for additional security card, users and accounts as mentioned above    
Account information from international bank, per account 50.00  

To open an account in DNB´s Corporate Internet Bank Price (NOK)
Current account 0.00
Tax deduction account 0.00
Deposit account 0.00

DNB Bankavstemming (bank reconciliation) Price per month (NOK) Set-up (NOK)
Basic package, includes 5 000 transactions, one user and free support 550.00  
Per 2 500 transactions additional to transactions included in the Basic version 270.00  
Per additional user 250.00  
Two-hour start-up service   2 000.00

Electronic mailbox Price
Messages from DNB sent directly to your electronic mailbox 0.00
Archive function 0.00

Electronic account information from outside Norway Price
Account information from another bank (per month) 50.00
Access to account in another bank (set-up cost) 100.00
Additional cost per division (set-up cost) 100.00