DNB Corporate Mastercard

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DNB Corporate Mastercard is a practical payment solution for all your outlays, both small and large. Use the card to pay for goods, parking, hotel accommodation or airline tickets. 

One payment solution for all outlays

DNB Corporate Mastercard makes it easy to separate your work-related outlays from your private purchases. As you receive only one invoice per month, the handling of card payments and travel expenses becomes streamlined and more efficient.

Thanks to the versatility of the card, there will be no need to make advance payments and maintain cash holdings. If the card is used for all work-related outlays, the company will keep better track of its purchases, while the number of unnecessary invoices will be reduced to a minimum.


Flexible and practical

  • Up to 55 days’ interest-free credit and flexible invoice management
  • Card purchases in Norway free of charge
  • Good travel insurance included in the card
  • 24-hour blocking service and emergency cash in local currency, if needed

Good overview and full control

  • Monthly invoice specifying all transactions
  • Online overview of purchases and previous invoices - My Corporate Mastercard
  • Possible to store the card number in a special customer profile in shops etc. where you make frequent purchases
  • Possibility of electronic expense management

Customer service

+(47) 21 01 50 01

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Useful information

What is the difference between personal and corporate liability?

Personal liability
  • Credit assessment of the card applicant
  • The cardholder is liable for use of the card and invoice payments
  • The invoice is sent directly to the cardholder

Corporate liability

  • Credit assessment of the company
  • The company is liable for use of the card and invoice payments
  • Invoice per card or collective invoice

Supplementary services

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