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Debit cards for businesses

With a corporate card, you can easily manage and pay for daily expenses, while having full control of your costs.

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  • Full overview

  • Less administration

  • Efficiency in daily operations

Why should you have a company card?

There are many advantages to having a debit card for your business. Among other things, you’ll get a full overview of the online bank, flexibility in daily operations and less need for cash. Employees don’t need to spend their own money and this reduces administration.

Corporate Banking VISA Business

Visa Business

The card can be used for purchase of goods and services in stores, online and abroad, in apps like Vipps, and cash withdrawals.

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Corporate Banking BankAxept

Corporate card BankAxept

Practical for physical small purchases in Norway, handling deposits and cash withdrawals. The card can also be restricted to deposits only.

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DNB Corporate Mastercard

Corporate Mastercard

Credit card for large and small expenses such as goods purchases, online shopping and employee travel. Up to 55 days’ interest-free credit.

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Purchasing account_Corporate

Purchasing account (virtual card)

A virtual credit card for online purchases For example, gather all costs associated with advertising on one invoice.

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Debit cards FAQ

DNB Corporate app

Get a simple overview of your card in the mobile banking app DNB Bedrift

  • Get relevant advice and reminders
  • Check your balance and approve payments
  • Block and replace the card in the app
  • Read more and download

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