Documentary Collections

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What is a documentary collection?

This is a secure and efficient form of collection, whereby shipping documents are sent to the buyer's bank and handed over to the buyer only against payment of the collection amount.

How do documentary collections work?

Immediately after shipping the agreed goods, the seller will send the agreed documents through his or her bank for presentation to the buyer's bank for payment.

The buyer will only receive the documents after the invoice value has been paid in cash or a bill of exchange has been accepted (a commitment to pay on a fixed future date).

Documentary collections are used when:

  • The exporter and the importer know each other.
  • There is no doubt about the importer's willingness to accept and pay for the goods.
  • There are stable political, economic and legal conditions in the importing country.
  • The importing country complies with international payment standards and is not threatened by trade and currency restrictions.

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