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BankID app

Digital login and signing through the app – without a code device.

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  • Faster login

  • A digital alternative to the code device.

  • Increased security

Download BankID app

BankID app is a digital alternative to the code device which makes logging in with BankID even easier and more secure.

  • Download BankID app for iOS
  • Download BankID app for Android

BankID med biometri

BankID on mobile will soon disappear

  • From and including 1 September 2022, BankID on mobile will gradually be phased out and replaced by the BankID app.
  • This means that from this date you will no longer be able to order a new BankID on mobile.
  • Most people will have access to the service for a while going forward and the code device will remain.

What does this mean for you?
If you change mobile subscriptions, switch SIM cards or buy a new mobile with eSIM after 1 September, you will lose access to BankID on mobile.

It’s easiest to start using the BankID app while still having access to BankID on your mobile phone.

Download the BankID app

How to get started

How to use the BankID app

  1. Select BankID
  2. Enter your national identity number
  3. Select BankID App
  4. Open the app via the notification
  5. Approve in the app, remember that you need to turn on notifications in the app
  6. Go back to the app to complete
  7. Finish with your personal password
  8. You’re now logged in

Read more on BankID’s pages

BankID app FAQs

Having trouble logging in or unsure about something?

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