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AvtaleGiro and eFaktura (eInvoice)

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  • Pay bills easily

  • You don’t need to fill out the account number and KID number (customer ID)

  • The bills are paid on time

AvtaleGiro (Agreed, regular payments from your account to a specified recipient)

  • You don’t need to record the payment and think about the due date
  • You do not need to deal with long KID (customer ID) numbers or any other payment information
  • The bank will ensure that the bill is paid automatically and on time
  • If you wish to change a fixed debit date, you must contact the payee. You can stop and change individual payments in the payment summary
  • If you wish to change the debit account, you can do this in the online bank under AvtaleGiro and eFaktura – My Agreements

eFaktura (eInvoice)

  • With eFaktura, you’ll find your bill in the online bank. You don’t need to enter any long KID numbers (customer ID) or any other payment information, and can change the amount and due date if necessary
  • eFaktura (eInvoice) will not be charged to your account until you confirm the bill in the online bank, mobile bank or by text message
  • You can view the invoices in the online bank, and print them out as needed
  • Since the bills come to your online bank, and you can choose to be notified by email or SMS, you don’t have to depend on regular post, for example, if you’re on holiday

AvtaleGiro with eFaktura (eInvoice)

  • AvtaleGiro with eFaktura is an automatic payment of the eFaktura you have received in the online bank
  • You don’t need to record the payment and think about the due date
  • The bank will ensure that the bill is paid automatically and on time
  • You can change the due date, amount and debit account in addition to stopping the payment
  • You can view the invoices in your online bank at any time, and print them out as needed

How to sign up for a new agreement

  • When you pay a bill in your online bank, to someone who offers AvtaleGiro, you will be asked if you want to enter into an AvtaleGiro agreement next time. Then you just have to say “Yes”!
  • To make it easier for you, you can let the bank set up new eFaktura agreements automatically. You can turn off automatic registration at any time.
  • eFaktura is set up in the online bank. You will find it under “Everyday banking and loans” and “AvtaleGiro and eFaktura (eInvoice)”.


  • Record the KID number (customer ID) for the one you want to set up the AvtaleGiro with. You’ll find this on the last bill you’ve received. Log in to the online bank, find your way to AvtaleGiro and eFaktura (eInvoice), and search for the desired recipient from the menu option > Sign a new agreement. When you sign the agreement(s), you must register the KID number (customer ID).
  • If you don’t use online banking, you can send us a form to set up an AvtaleGiro by regular post.

Form for setting up AvtaleGiro

AvtaleGiro FAQs

eFaktura FAQ

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