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Car loan calculator

Calculate how much the car loan will cost monthly and in total.

Car loan types
Lånegrad 35%
Equity grade35%

Borrowing costNOK per month

6.84%nom. rate

8.37%eff. rate

Borrowing needsNOK incl. fees

Total cost over 5 years:

Apply for a car loan hereView repayment plan

Car loans

Up to 10 years’ repayment period and financing of the entire purchase price.

  • More about car loans

Green car loan

Loans with extra favourable conditions for those who want to buy electric vehicles or hydrogen vehicles.

Billån Ung (Car loans for young adults)

A car loan for anyone under the age of 34.

How the car loan calculator works

You can make some calculations before you take out a car loan. All you have to do is enter the price of the car, choose your preferred repayment period and how much equity you have.

You’ll then get a simple overview of the borrowing costs, interest rates, repayment plan and can see how large a loan and equity you need to buy the car you want.

Costs of having a car

Don’t forget that having a vehicle also comes with other necessary expenses, such as maintenance costs, taxes, fuel, toll money, vehicle insurance and similar. It’s a good idea to take this into account when deciding how much you can spend on a car.

Price example, Green Car loan

Nominal interest rate 6,74 %, eff. Interest rate 8,68 %, NOK 150 000 o/5 years. Annuity loans NOK 150 000 o/5 years. Instalment amount NOK 3 016 per month Cost: NOK 33 460 total: NOK 183 460.

Price list

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