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Loan calculations

Check how much you can borrow and calculate what the loan costs every month.

Find out your ability to borrow

See the cost of the loan

Tools for making good choices for your finances

How much does a home mortgage cost?

Calculate how much the home mortgage will cost per month.

  • Mortgage calculator

Fixed or variable interest?

See the effects of fixing the interest rate on all or parts of your loan.

What does a car loan cost?

Calculate how much the car loan will cost monthly. Adjustments for equity and repayment period.

Woman with computer notes

What affects how much the loan costs?

There are several factors that affect the price of your loan, and it depends on you and your bank.

The cost of the loan is affected by:

  • The type of loan you’re taking
  • The interest rate
  • Additional costs, such as set-up and instalment fees
  • The repayment period
  • Whether you have an annuity or serial loan

How much can you borrow?

Just like the cost of the loan, your ability to borrow also depends on a number of factors. Many have complex finances and will therefore get an exact answer by getting in touch with us for an assessment.

When we receive your loan application, we consider, among other things:

  • What type of loan you want
  • Total debt from before
  • Your ability to pay
  • Equity

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