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The information below only applies to Norwegian companies.

Account manager and share issuer

By being registered with Euronext Securities Oslo, you enjoy several benefits for the company and the investors

Risk advisory service 2
  • Administration and maintenance of the share register

  • Share programme for employees

  • Virtual Annual General Meetings

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Read more about registration of your company with Euronext Securities Oslo (formerly VPS) further down the page.

DNB provides this service through Euronext Securities Oslo (formerly VPS). Our services make it easier to keep track of the shareholder register and ensure correct reporting to the tax authorities.

Registering will allow you to enjoy benefits, whether you are acting on behalf of a company or as an investor. Find out more about the benefits here:

Advantages for companiesAdvantages for investors

Own portal

The company gets access to the ‘Euronext VPS Issuer Services’ company portal which includes useful services. The portal has been put together to cover the needs of companies’ administrative, legal and investor relations departments.

Access to the Euronext VPS Investor Portal

Updated full overview

The company gets access to a continually updated overview of shareholders and transactions. The overview also includes a list of historical shareholders and transactions.

Complete overview of shareholdings and transactions

Simple and secure systems for paying out dividends and transferring shares

Euronext Securities Oslo offers services for calculating and distributing dividends and other disbursements

Secure systems for transferring both listed and unlisted shares

Digital communication

Ability to send out electronic reports to investors, such as financial reports, press releases or other market information about tax value, holdings and returns

Automatic information on investor notifications (amendment notifications, annual statements, corporate events)

Tax reporting

Euronext Securities Oslo takes care of all of the reporting to the Directorate of Taxes’ Shareholder Register. Euronext Securities Oslo sends out annual statements and other information to the company’s shareholders.

Automatic tax reporting

Carrying out share issues and other corporate events

Issuing new shares, raising new capital and handling purchases etc.

Ability to easily subscribe for share issues and re-selling via digital participation

Guaranteed share ownership

Not applicable

Legal protection guarantee on shares

Registration for AGM

Not applicable

Online registration for Annual General Meetings, as well as the option for advance voting and/or appointment of proxy

Mortgage of shares

Not applicable

Option to use the shares as security for loans (mortgaging)

Requirements for registration in Euronext Securities Oslo

Below you can find useful information on what is needed in order to become Euronext registered. Read the information below each point before you submit your application.

There are certain industries for which we cannot offer products and services. Please note that we may refrain from offering accountancy services if we have reason to do so, and ongoing customer accounts may also be closed if we have objective grounds to do so.

Useful information

Send application with documentation

Here is an overview of what you need to submit in order to be registered with Euronext Securities Oslo. Check that you have everything available:

  • Updated articles of association including a paragraph that says that the company’s shares will be registered in Euronext Securities Oslo (or converted to ASA)
  • Certificate of registration
  • VPS account for all shareholders
  • Copy of last shareholder register
  • Copy of shareholder register details for the last year – all pages. Companies that that have been founded this year only need the memorandum of association
  • Copy of any transfers between shareholders in the current year, such as contract notes and purchase and sale contracts
  • Copy of any share issue resolution for the current year
  • Overview of any shares that are mortgaged

We will review the documentation and also conduct customer due diligence of the company. We will get in touch to obtain the necessary documents.

Please fill inn the required information in the mail and enclose needed documentation.

Examples of costs

The costs for being registered with Euronext Securities Oslo are based on the number of shareholders, number of transactions, share capital and any events. Events might include disbursements of dividends, changes to capital etc. In addition to the stated price, Euronext Securities Oslo’s mark-up will also be invoiced by DNB.

A full price list can be sent over on request.

In both of the examples on this page, Euronext Securities Oslo’s mark-up will be around NOK 550.

Contact us

Email: kua@dnb.no
Norwegian companies telephone: +47 23 26 80 20
International securities telephone: +47 23 26 80 16

Price example 1

Price per month: NOK 400

Number of shareholders: 1–10

Share capital: 1 000 000–5 000 000

Transactions: 0–10

Price example 2

Price per month: NOK 900

Number of shareholders: 26–100

Share capital: 10 000 000–25 000 000

Transactions: 101–250

VPS account price lists

  • VPS account price list

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