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Remember the application deadline of 3 September 2023

The DNB NXT Accelerator 2023

We are looking for early-stage tech companies who want investment from Startuplab and a partnership with DNB, Vipps or Fremtind

You can now apply for this year’s accelerator programme!

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The DNB NXT Accelerator 2023

We’re looking for technology companies

The program is for ambitious Norwegian tech companies, it runs for 3 monthsand provides a unique opportunity to explore a potential partnership with DNB, Vipps MobilePay or Fremtind. All three provide relevant resources and key people, in addition to receiving an investment of NOK 1-3 million from Startuplab, and get to utilise their broad network.

We are looking for fintechs, proptechs and other companies with a diverse team that are developing technology and business models.

In the box on the right, we have listed the criteria we are looking at.

We are looking for companies that are

  • Accelerating the green shift
  • Developing AI solutions for finance
  • Helping private individuals with their homes
  • Simplifying reporting and compliance with regulations
  • Providing new value proposals in DNB’s digital channels
  • Loyalty solutions
  • Develop sustainable solutions that can be used in research​
  • Enabling personalised and data-driven communication
  • Develops solutions in:
    • Mobility
    • Health
    • Circular economy
    • Data used for insurance

The Accelerator contains the following

Kjerstin R. Braathen

Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kjerstin Braathen at Kick-off in the autumn of 2022

Startuplab gives you:

  • NOK 1–3 million in investments (only applies to Norwegian companies)
  • Three months’ office space at Startuplab
  • Weekly follow-up from a dedicated member of the Startuplab team
  • Access to Startuplab’s network
  • weekly lunches for all participants where we invite experienced entrepreneurs and investors to share their knowledge and insights;
  • access to free consulting with legal experts from SANDS, accountants from Ekstra Ressurs and patent lawyers from Dehns.

DNB gives you:

  • a mentor from a relevant business area;
  • a sponsor from senior management;
  • access to relevant expertise;
  • a broad network consisting of internal and external resources;
  • potential partnerships.

The same applies whether you’re a business working with Vipps MobilePay and Fremtind

The core team should preferably be able to work from or travel to/from Startuplab in Oslo or Bergen for different events during the period 2 November 2023 to 25 January 2024.

For companies outside Norway, it is not necessary to be based at Startuplab, but the team will be expected to travel to Oslo/Bergen 2-4 times over the programme period.

Other benefits

About Startuplab and the investment

Our NXT Accelerator Alumni companies

Alumni - until 2022

DNB NXT Accelerator Alumni companies

“We were part of the DNB NXT Accelerator and loved the support we got, from the presentation guidance and brand building to technical meetings with data specialists and engineers. DNB helped us with many different aspects of our business”
- Alexandra Gunderson, CEO of Unifai

Read about the DNB NXT Accelerator

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DNB News · 5 min reading time
DNB Nyheter articles
Illustration showing a person reading the newspaper

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