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Årets DNB NXT i Oslo - 26 September 2024

DNB NXT 2024 - Where ideas meet capital

DNB NXT is Norway’s most important meeting place between entrepreneurs, investors and the established business community. On this page, you’ll soon find more information about this year’s events taking place in the autumn of 2024.

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In DNB, we are committed to ensuring that Norway succeeds with more entrepreneurs, growth companies, and innovative business environments. We know that Norway has a well-developed ecosystem of startups and growth companies across the country. We also know that there is a willingness to invest and risk-taking capital in the investment community. So what can we do about this?

We live in a time of financial uncertainty and believe it’s more important than ever to create good meeting places between entrepreneurs and investors. That’s why we’re organising DNB NXT, a meeting place for investors, start-ups and growth companies – where ideas meet capital.

DNB NXT is where Norway’s leading start-ups and investors meet. Whether you’re driven by technology, innovation, capital, have an exciting idea, are leading a growth business or want to invest in Norway’s future export options – DNB NXT is the meeting point you won’t miss!

We hope to see you on DNB NXT in the autumn of 2024!

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