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The start-up pilots are ready

DNB Start-up Pilot

If you’d like help from dream and idea to launch and growth, get in touch with our advisers here.

Man with laptop

Help to succeed in your business?

DNB Start-up pilot can help you with the set-up, company structure, business model, financing, networking and marketing

Book a meeting and we will contact you shortly, normally within a few working days.

Steffen Lie Pringle

Steffen Lie Pringle

Manager of Start-up and Growth.

Master of Science in Business with over 10 years of experience from DNB and the corporate market. Many years’ experience in trade and industry and growing technology companies.

Elena Johnsen Solvang

Elena Johnsen Solvang

Trained in economics, management and sustainability with a specialism in understanding sustainability in the construction goods industry.

8 years’ experience in retail

Line Therese Øien

Line Therese Øien

Six years managing a hairdressing salon, two years’ experience in setting up a company.

Practical industry experience combined with entrepreneurship expertise.

Sigrid Høisveen Ulekleiv

Sigrid Høisveen Ulekleiv

Ran a sole proprietorship and a limited company, 9 years’ experience as an entrepreneur.

Mainly in Retail (jewellery and clothing). I have also worked for an investor for a few years.

Bachelor of finance and management.

Irene Høyland Berg

Irene Høyland Berg

28 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, mainly within Retail and property.

I have always had my businesses in limited companies.

Training in marketing, management, finance and entrepreneurship.

Hanne Rieker

Hanne Rieker

Master of Science in Business with extensive experience in finance and the corporate market, both as an adviser and manager.

Start-up experience from the early days of the Internet.

Kristian Fredheim Wabba

“She has been such a gift! Start-up pilot Sigrid has been a good sparring partner at many steps in the process that are completely new to me, and has been amazing at pushing me forward and putting me in touch with new partners.”

- Wabba founder Kristian K. Fredheim

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