Questions about cards and Pin codes

How to block your card

If your bank card is lost or stolen, it is very important that you immediately call (+47 915) 04800 to have the card blocked.

Which currency should I use for payments outside Norway?

We recommend that you pay in the local currency when using your card outside Norway, even if the merchant asks if you want to pay in Norwegian kroner. When processing the payment Visa/Mastercard will convert the foreign currency amount to NOK using the exchange rate that applies that day and add a currency conversion fee equalling 1.75% of the transaction amount. If it is left to the merchant to determine the exchange rate for NOK it tends to cost more than if the bank handles the exchange.

What do I need to do when I get my first card form the bank?

Remember to sign the card. The PIN code will be sent under separate cover.

If you use DNB’s personal Internet banking service, you can also find the PIN code there. Select Banking & Loans from the menu ribbon, and then click on “view PIN code” under “Cards”.

My card is about to expire. Is there anything I need to do?

A new card will be sent to you automatically when it gets close to the expiration date for the old one. The old card will be valid until the last day of the month when it expires.

Remember to give updated information to any entities that are allowed to debit your card.

If you card is equipped with a chip, the PIN code for the new card will be the same as the one for the old card.

Is travel insurance included in the card?

Travel insurance is automatically included if you use your credit card to pay for at least half of the cost of transportation. The insurance covers both you and your family or up to 3 fellow travellers. If your luggage is delayed, the insurance will enable you to buy the most essential items right away.

No insurance is included with a debit card.

Are there any regional restrictions on my card?

Regional restrictions mean that the card cannot be used in specific geographic areas. The reasons for such restrictions include preventing unauthorised use of lost or stolen cards.

There are no regional restrictions on our bank cards. If we detect suspicious card transactions, for instance that the card is being used in completely new areas, we contact the card owner. If it turns out that the card has gone astray, we then block it to prevent fraudulent use.

Why do I have to use a BankID when I use my card to shop online?

Our cardholders are protected by the identify checking services Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. These services were developed to make Internet shopping more secure and they both use your BankID to verify your identity. The BankID screen is the same one that appears when you log onto the Internet banking service.

What happens when the card's expiration date approaches?

A new card will be sent to you well in advance of the expiration date. If you plan to be away from home for a long time, we recommend that you check the expiration date on you card before you leave. The month and year when the card expires are embossed on the front of the card. The card will be valid until the end of the month when it is due to expire.

Please call (+47 915) 04800 if you have questions about renewing your debit or credit card.

What is meant by 45 days of interest-free credit?

Once a month you will receive an invoice with a payment due date 14 days later. This means that you get up to 45 days of interest-free credit depending on when in the month a purchase was charged to your credit card. If it was on the first day of the invoice period, you will get 45 days of interest-free credit. The number of days of interest- free credit declines, the closer you get to the end of the invoice period. If you use the card on the day before the invoice date, the interest-free credit period for the transaction(s) in question will be 15 days.
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