How to log in to the internet bank

How to log in

Log in method
What you need

Password calculator
Password calculator and PIN code.
Requires a password calculator issued by DNB. Password calculator

Need a new password calculator or have you forgotten your PIN code or user ID?
Contact us on 04800 (+47 915 04800 from abroad), and we will help you. We are open 24 hours a day, every day.

How to change your PIN code?

Enter the current PIN code you want to change in the password calculator.

When the 8-digit number you used as a password appears, press and hold the arrow key for at least 3 seconds.

When the text NEW PIN appears, enter a new 4-digit PIN code.

You need to confirm the code and enter it again.

What to do if your password calculator is blocked

Call us on (+47 915) 04800 and we will help you. If necessary we will send you a new password calculator by mail.

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