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Purchasing account

Purchasing account A virtual card for the company’s online purchases. This lets you gather all advertising and promotional purchases, for example, on a virtual card for a better overview.

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  • A virtual card for online purchases

  • Summary of all purchases compiled into one invoice

  • Works at all online stores that accept payment with Mastercard

Order a purchasing account

To order, you must have signature rights, access to the company’s ownership structure and BankID/BankID for mobile. The product is supplied by our partner SEB Kort.

Make online shopping easier

A purchasing account is a virtual company card that’s ideal for paying for larger or smaller purchases online.

For example, gather all costs related to advertising on Facebook, Google and YouTube onto one invoice, or create a virtual card per department if that suits your internal processes best.

The cards works with all merchants that accept Mastercard as a form of payment.

To ensure the invoice is handled efficiently, we can also deliver it electronically (EHF).

Overview of the company’s cards and invoices

The Kortadmin (Card admin) service gives companies a complete overview of both physical and virtual cards as well as previous invoices. Kortadmin also includes a number of other practical solutions.

Read more and apply for Kortadmin (Card admin) in the ‘FAQ’ section below.

Purchasing account

300 per year

Useful information

A purchasing account is issued with corporate liability and is connected to Mastercard’s payment network which includes Mastercard Identity Check for safer online shopping.

It’s important that there’s one user per card information, as Mastercard Identity Check sends a text message to the user’s mobile phone to confirm the purchase.

Purchasing account FAQ

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