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Physical payment solutions

Receive payment anywhere, at any time

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  • Quick and agile customer service

  • Mobile or fixed terminals with contactless payment

  • Keep track of payments and business development

Be contacted by Nets

Terminals are supplied by our partner Nets. As a DNB customer you’re guaranteed to receive good terms – use the offer code DNBNETS.

Called both card terminals and payment terminals

If you sell to your customers face-to-face, a payment solution is one of the first things you must set up. A payment terminal can minimise cash handling while also giving you an easier overview of your accounts.

Did you know that 97% of the population prefers to pay by card?

It’s therefore highly likely that taking card payments in your business will be worthwhile. All payment terminals are set up for contactless payment.

Already have a terminal that accepts cards?

Please note that you’ll need a card agreement as well. This is the actual connection between the terminal and your customers’ debit cards. You’ll get card redemption agreements on international cards at Nets, and redemption agreements with BankAxept at DNB.

Already have a card agreement, but not a payment terminal?

All Nets terminals meet the highest security requirements on the market.

Please note that you must have a terminal in order to use Vipps via a terminal.

Receive payment on the go or at a fixed point of sale

We understand that different businesses have different needs and preferences. Some prefer the flexibility that a mobile payment terminal offers, while others with fixed points of sale need to have something installed.

Whatever your needs may be, we’ll find a solution that fits. Our partners Vipps and Nets have many years’ experience of offering simple and secure payment solutions and will be happy to help tailor a payment solution to your requirements.

Taking payment with a payment terminal is secure. If you select a card redemption agreement from Nets, you’ll be insured 24 hours a day. The payments are protected, and the money will be paid quickly into the right account.

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