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Green loans

With a green loan, your business can get financing for investments in sustainable solutions.

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  • Documented credentials

  • Green profiling

  • Better terms than equivalent loans without green credentials

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What is a green loan?

A green loan is a financing product where the loan assets are used for projects and investments with specific environmental qualities. In collaboration with the ESG-rated company Sustainalytics, we have created a framework that specifies which activities qualify for green loans. DNV makes an external assessment and issues a green certificate to the qualifying loan. Within property, industry-specific certifications are used for the same purpose, including Svane and BREEAM.

What this means for you

In practice, this means that your business has the opportunity to finance sustainable activities through green loans, such as renewable energy, green buildings, and fossil-free transport. A green loan provides better conditions than a similar loan that is not green.

As part of the process, we assess:

  • the project or investment to be financed;
  • the environmental effects the business will achieve;
  • how the financing is monitored by the business;
  • documentation and reporting of the environmental effects.

DNB’s framework is based on Green Loan Principles (GLP) and are general guidelines drawn up by global financial operators.

Green property

Property, building and construction represent a large share of the world’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. A greener property industry plays an important role in the transition to a low carbon society.

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Green loans for commercial property and residential projects

We can help you realise projects of every size, solve the need for long-term financing and offer operational financing for entrepreneurs.

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