Export financing

Many countries offer beneficial financing solutions to support their export industries.
Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) provide and administer the officially supported export credit schemes on behalf of the government for the respective countries.

Who can benefit from ECA financing:

ECA financing can be beneficial, both for importers and /or exporters.
  • Importers: can obtain beneficial financing support from the exporting country, and
  • Exporters: importers of your goods / services (i.e. ultimo Importers) can obtain beneficial financing support from the exporting country of your goods /services.
DNB’s role covers origination, structuring and arranging of financing solutions for our clients with optimal support from ECA's

Our ECA Team

  • Dedicated team with more than 25 years’ experience
  • Extensive network and longstanding institutional relationship with ECAs worldwide
  • In depth knowledge of ECAs’ financial programs, related terms and conditions and processes
  • DNB holds a leading position as an arranger of ECA-financing for the maritime industry
  • Increasing presence within non-maritime ECA-financing
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