Gain greater flexibility by entrusting your invoice follow-up to us. We have a solution to suit your needs, whatever the size of your company.

How factoring works

  • You invoice your customer as normal and send a copy of the invoice details to us
  • We advance up to 85 per cent of the invoice amount, thereby freeing capital for your business. You receive the the balance of the invoice when your customers pay
  • When we receive your invoices, we assume responsibility for administering your accounts receivable, sending payment documents, updating your accounts receivable ledger, sending reminders and further follow-up
  • When your customer pays the invoice, you receive the remaining balance and a report from us



The appliction is in Norwegian, however, you can write your answers in English if you prefer


Improved liquidity
  • Shorter credit period with faster invoice settlement
  • Advanced payment


  • Lower losses on receivables
  • Reduced personnel costs


Free up capacity
  • Less time spent on payment reminders and follow-up
  • Professional follow-up


Ideal for companies that:

  • Deliver goods/services
  • Make final deliveries
  • Sell on credit
  • Have many customers
  • Mostly sell to corporate customers
  • Have few claims for compensation
  • No terms linked to the delivery
  • No set-off claims


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