File transfer to the travel expense system

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Daily file transfer of card transactions to the company’s travel expense system makes registration and approval of travel expense reports more efficient and effective.

Easier processing of travel expense reports and outlays

  • Daily file transfer of uninvoiced transactions to the company’s travel expense system.
  • Time-saving and easy for employees to document outlays and complete travel expense reports. 
  • Correct information about purchases, fees and exchange rates can be found in the company’s travel expense system a few days after the outlay was made. 
  • Less risk of incorrect registration.


NOK 3 500
per year, no front-end fee.

Which travel expense systems can we send files to?

  • Expense
  • Aditro Trip & Expense
  • Unit4 Travel & Expenses
  • AD Travel
  • Xledger
  • HRessurs (Infotjenester)
  • Ibistic Travel and Expense
  • Acubiz EMS
  • TravelText
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