DNB Mastercard

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If the company you work for has a DNB Corporate Mastercard agreement, we can offer you a DNB Mastercard for personal use with no annual fee. The card gives you access to good discounts, travel insurance and purchase protection.

Money in reserve and good discounts

DNB Mastercard gives you money in reserve when you need it. You can make purchases and withdraw cash all over the world. The card includes 45 days’ interest-free credit and flexible invoice management. In addition, you will receive good discounts in selected shops, online shops, hotels and restaurants in Norway.


(ordinary price: NOK 250)

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  • Easy to separate your private purchases from your work-related outlays
  • You can make purchases and withdraw cash all over the world 
  • Good discounts in selected shops and restaurants in Norway 
  • Travel insurance and 24-hour blocking service included in the card
  • Purchase protection on goods priced at NOK 1 000–25 000 
  • 3% discount at all petrol stations in and outside Norway

Price example

NOK 15 000 over 12 months
Total cost NOK 16 694

Nom. interest rate 19.2%
Eff. interest rate 25.6%
Other useful information: Price list, Terms and condition for DNB Visa and Mastercard