We support sustainable initiatives with green loans


With a green loan from DNB, your business will receive financing for investments with sustainable solutions. Green loans support important environmental needs, and provide security to investors through third party verification.


What is a green loan?

A green loan is a type of financing where funding goes to projects and investments with environmental benefits. We have established an overall framework that indicates which activities qualify for green loans in collaboration with the leading ESG rating provider Sustainalytics. DNV GL assess each loan and issue a green certificate for eligible loans based on objective criteria. For real estate and construction, the sector specific certifications BREEAM, LEED, and Svane are used for the same purpose.
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What does this mean for you?

This means that your company can finance and refinance green activities, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. In the process, we consider the following: 
  • Which green projects and investments are financed? 
  • Which environmental effects does the company achieve? 
  • How is financing followed up by the company? 
  • How is the reporting conducted? 
DNB's framework is based on the Green Loan Principles (GLP) which are general guidelines established by global financial players.

» Read more about DNB's framework
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The green shift

“With our clients, investors, and at society as a whole, we are seeing an ever-stronger focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility. The green transition brings challenges and opportunities, and we want to help our clients to make sustainable investments. We offer advise and capital to promote increased wealth creation at a lower cost to the environment.”

- Morten Knutzen, market specialist in Corporate Banking at DNB

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