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Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NSF)

As an NSF member you get very good terms at DNB.

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Home mortgage – Offers for buyers aged 34 to 40

Are you buying a home for the first time or do you have a home mortgage with another bank? If you’re aged 34-40, you now get the same favourable terms as Bolig Ung Start if you apply for a home mortgage or move your mortgage to DNB before 1 July.

Price example First home mortgage

Nominal floating interest rate from 5.44 %, annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) from 5.63 %. Annuity loan NOK 2 000 000 o/25 years with monthly payment NOK 12 275. The total amount payable would be NOK 3 682 500 made up of the loan amount plus interest of NOK 1 682 500. The total amount payable would be NOK 3 593 700 made up of the loan amount plus interest of NOK 1 593 700. Presupposes a mortgage on the home.

Couple sitting in the boot of a car

Car loans

As a member of the Norwegian Nursing Association, you can get a car loan on favourable terms from DNB. You can borrow up to the entire purchase price and choose the repayment period, up to a maximum of 10 years.

Call us on 915 04800 for a great offer.

Price example, Car loan: Nominal interest rate 6,74 %, eff. Interest rate 8,62 %, NOK 150 000 o/5 years. Annuity loans NOK 150 000 o/5 years. Instalment amount NOK 3 016 per month Cost: NOK 33 260 total: NOK 183 260.


All members of the Norwegian Nursing Association automatically receive the life insurance package. In addition, you can choose to buy more insurance policies. The insurance package contains three different insurance policies, which cover you for the most critical situations if something should happen:

  • Coverage in the event of death, which is paid out to survivors.
  • Disability lump sum that provides a one-off payment in the event of permanent incapacity for work.
  • Accident insurance that provides disbursements for permanent medical disability after an accident.
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Collective insurance

Members of the Norwegian Nursing Association also have access to collective insurance with their own coverage, prices and terms and conditions for the benefit of the members.

This includes income, travel, children’s, liability and extended life insurance.

Individual insurance policies

Individual insurance policies are all other insurance policies you can buy, such as car insurance, house, cabin, valuables and so on. These insurance policies have no special advantages for NSF members, but you still benefit from having your insurance policies together in one place.

How to save money on your insurance with a combination discount on your insurance policies. The more non-life insurance you have with us, the greater the discount can be:

  • One policy gives a 20% discount
  • Two policies give a 25% discount
  • Three or more insurance policies give a 30% discount

The insurance is provided by Fremtind

Our insurance company is Fremtind, one of Norway’s largest insurance companies with many years’ experience and highly-ranked with best in test insurance policies.

Terms and conditions for collective insurance

Do you need help with insurance?

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Price list for NSF members

Home mortgages

First home mortgages

Up to 85% of the value of the property

  • Nominal interest rate 5,44%, effective interest rate 5,63%

Boliglån Ung (Home mortgage for young adults)

Up to 85% of the value of the property

  • Nominal interest rate 5.44 %, effective interest rate 5.63 %

Mortgages innearly 75% of the home’s value

  • Nominal interest rate 5.69 %, effective interest rate 5.90 %

Home mortgages up to 85% of the value of the property

  • Nominal interest rate 5.79 %, effective interest rate 6.00 %

Home equity credit lines

Up to 60% of the value of the property

  • Nominal interest rate 5.64 %, effective interest rate 5.84 %

Fixed-rate loans 3 year

  • 3 years: Nominal interest rate from 5.04 %, eff. interest rate 5.22 %

Fixed-rate loans 5 years

  • 5 years: Nominal interest rate from 4,79 %, eff. interest rate 4,96 %

Fixed-rate loans 10 years

  • 10 years: Nominal interest rate from 4.64 %, eff. interest rate 4.80 %

Costs of home mortgage, home equity credit line and fixed-rate loan

Set-up fees


Deposit fees


Instalment fees

NOK 65

On home equity credit lines, instalment fees are only charged if the balance is 0

Car loans

Equity 35% or more

  • Nominal interest rate 6.74 %, APR 8.62 %

Equity between 35 and 20%

  • Nominal interest rate 7.40 %, APR 9.34 %

Equity less than 20%

  • Nominal interest rate 8.40 %, APR 10.42 %

Set-up fees

NOK 2300

Instalment fees

NOK 65


The guide prices for Young Adult Home Mortgages and Start home mortgages for young adults only apply to loans for primary residences and assume that the security qualifies for DNB Boligkreditt (Housing Credit).

The guide prices for home mortgages up to 75% and home equity credit lines up to 60% apply to loans and assume that the security qualifies for DNB Boligkreditt (Housing Credit). For loan-to-value ratios above 75% (above 60% for home equity credit lines), loans to second homes, or where the security does not quality for Boligkreditt, the interest rate is 0.10 percentage points higher.

Most homes qualify for DNB Boligkreditt. Some exceptions are holiday homes, secondary/rental homes, undeveloped land and agricultural properties with a residential section.

DNB Boligkreditt AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DNB Bank ASA. DNB Boligkreditt gives loans to private individuals and independent business owners who mortgage their own residential property up to 75% of well-founded market value.

Price examples for loans are calculated on the basis of guidelines from the authorities, and are based on several factors. Among other things, the APR and total costs of your loan are affected by the loan amount, repayment period, any interest-only period, costs and the nominal interest rate.

The prices are set based on the agreement with the member organization and assume that you actively use DNB as the main bank, with a salary account, online bank and card.

Price examples

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