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These are insurance measures you should take now.

Do you really know what insurance you have, and what you need? These six questions can give you a more secure financial future – and stop you from paying too much.

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No one knows what tomorrow will bring –that’s just how life is. However, if you insure yourself, your family and your valuables, you will have one less concern if something unexpected should happen.

While some people have too few insurance policies, others have too many. It’s a good idea to ask yourself the following questions now.

My insurance policies

Get an overview of the insurance policies you have at DNB in the online bank and mobile bank.

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Has my life situation changed?

Different life phases and situations have different insurance requirements. Have you started a family? Became a single parent? If so, you should have a look at your personal insurance policies. How will the family finances be affected if you or your partner become incapacitated for work – or in the worst case, die? It can be an uncomfortable questions to ask yourself, but it is something you should think through.

Good life insurance and disability insurance allow the family to avoid the worry of finances in an already difficult situation – and to maintain the same standard of living.

If your child becomes seriously ill or suffers an accident, children’s insurance can provide financial peace of mind.

Read more about our personal insurance

Which insurance do I get through my job?

Before you take out private insurance, you should check which insurance you are covered by through your job. Many employees have group life insurance, which gives survivors a lump sum payment if you die. Some also have travel insurance and accident insurance, among other things, through their employer.

Am I or is my partner a member of an organisation?

Many people are insured through employer and interest group organisations. Many organisations also have good discount schemes for insurance, which apply to both you and your family. You can make big savings this way.

Am I double insured?

Double insurance doesn’t always mean a double disbursement – and it makes no sense to pay for insurance you don’t need. You should therefore go through exactly what your insurance policies cover, and check that they don’t overlap. Did you know that travel insurance comes included if you pay for your trip on a credit card? However, there may be other terms and conditions that apply – and with full-year travel insurance , for example, you are also covered for your daily outings.

You are often offered purchase protection in store when you buy electronics or sports equipment, for example. However, this insurance is disproportionately expensive compared to the value of the item – and which in most cases will be covered by travel insurance, contents insurance or the warranty. It’s also important to be clear that purchase protection often has a lower – or no – excess, and less reduction of the original value.

The same applies to the cancellation insurance you are often offered when you by flight tickets. If you have good travel insurance, this also includes several types of cancellations. However, the travel agent may have other and better terms and conditions for cancellation.

Are my insurance policies spread across different suppliers?

If your insurance policies are held at different providers, you can save money by grouping them. Did you know that you can get up to 20 per cent discount by grouping your insurance policies at DNB, and an additional 5 per cent if you are part of a customer programme as well? The more you bundle, the higher the discount.

Am I registered at my parents’ address in the National Register?

Have you moved away from home? If you haven’t changed your address details in the National Register, you may actually be covered by your parents’ contents insurance. If you have changed address, DNB fortunately has a very favourable package insurance for young people – with both household contents and travel insurance for the price of one.

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