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Construction loan

To cover ongoing costs during the construction period.

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  • Guidance from a specialist in construction financing

  • Tailored solution for your project

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What are construction loans?

For large projects, construction loans are often part of the financial solution. A construction loan covers ongoing costs during the building period, and the payments follow the progress of the home. When the home has a certificate of completion, the building loan is converted into a home loan.

We always consider every loan application individually. The price you get is based, among other things, on debt-servicing capacity, security and risk.

Price example, Construction loan

Nominal interest rate from 8.75 %, operating interest rate at 100% utilization, from 10.32 %. Loans NOK 2,000,000 are repaid after 1 year. Cost NOK 206,400, total NOK 2,206,400. Requires a collateral in a home.

Parts of building financing can often be made with other types of loans, such as land mortgages and intermediary financing. These have lower interest rates. When the construction period ends, the building loan is converted to a normal home loan, and if the home is given energy class A or B, a particularly favourable interest rate will be given with a Green Home loan

We will assess each individual application individually. Contact us for offers.

Benefits of building loans

  • Our dedicated building loan advisers monitor you throughout the process and give financial advice
  • We help you clarify the financial framework and ensure good control during the project
  • The bank can provide the contractor with a financing certificate
  • We guide you in relation to formal requirements being met, such as a guarantee from the contractor
  • We can offer insurance for buildings during construction

Questions and answers

The construction journey – tips and advice

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