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Day-to-day money rates

A standardised and neutral overnight rate setting for the individual currency.

Bank notes in many different currencies

The most traded currency in the world is the USD, which is involved in well over 80 per cent of all foreign exchange trades. (Photo: John McArthur/Unsplash)

Daily quoted interest rates for different currencies

The Day-to-Day money rate is a standardised and neutral interest rate fixing for each individual currency. The rate is quoted daily at fixed times in the market for the currency in question. The reference rate with historical data can be obtained from Reuters or other information services.

The bank can also use another equivalent source to set the reference rate, as long as the source provides a published rate that is generally used in the market for the currency in question. For currencies where there is no official rate setting or well-developed market, the bank is obliged to set a reference rate itself.

We reserve the right for the interest rate calculation for the Day-to-Day money rate to be different for different products. Get in touch with an adviser at the bank if you have any questions about this.

Currencies and interest rate setting

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Some smaller countries do not set their own rates. In these countries, DNB sets both the BID (offer rate) and ASK (demand rate).

Countries without rate setting

Many peripheral countries are closed to foreign banks or lack a developed interbank market, which means that they have not established a method for setting a national public fixed rate. Nevertheless, banks in some of these countries do publish interest rates, but these rates are not as reliable as a national fixed rate. For countries that do not set rates or price sources, DNB sets both the BID (offer rate) and ASK (demand rate).

Interest rate setting - market making FAQ

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