1 yr3 yrs5 yrs10 yrs

Total instalment amount:


trueFixedRateLoanlargeInitiatedLoanAmountTermOfLoanInterestShareOfFixedChoiceLockInPeriodLinkBorrowingCapacityLinkHousingLoansPrintlaanebeloplopetidrenteandelbindingstid40000005000001000000050000 NOK false251301  yearsfalse2.750.010.00.05 %false5001005 %false10243309999990.099.995050290029001212[ {"years":1, "rate":2.70}, {"years":3, "rate":2.75}, {"years":5, "rate":2.90}, {"years":10, "rate":3.30}][{"from":0,"to":999999, "rate":2.85}, {"from":1000000, "to":1999999, "rate":2.85}, {"from":2000000, "to":3999999, "rate":2.85}, {"from":4000000, "to":0, "rate":2.75}]%.true true

Price example 3 years

Loan amount: NOK 2 million
Fixed-rate period: 3 years, term 25 years
Nominal interest rate: 2.75%
Effective interest rate: 2.86%
Total cost: NOK 2 789 879

These terms apply to loans qualified for DNB Boligkreditt.

Fixed-rate loans give you stable loan expenses and make it easier to plan your personal finances.
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