Brokerage fee for the following markets: online via broker
Norwegian listed shares and primary capital certificates:

More than 20 trades 1 in a calendar month gives the following price the subsequent calendar month:

1 all online trades including international and unlisted.
2 only for trades on Oslo Børs
0,05% min NOK 95,-

0,05% min NOK 65,- 2

0,50% min. NOK 500,-

Norwegian listed subscription rights 0,05% min NOK 50,- 0,50% min NOK 50,-
Norwegian unlisted shares 0,30% min NOK 300,- 0,50% min NOK 1.000,-
Swedish listed shares6 0,10% min SEK 135,- 0,50%min SEK 1.100,-
Denmark 0,10% min DKK 100,- 0,50% min DKK 900,-
Finland 0,10% min € 13,- 0,50% min EUR 120,-
USA (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ) 0,2% min $ 22,- 0,50% min USD 160,-
Canada 0,2% min CAD 30,- 0,5% min CAD 160,-
Belgium, France 7, Germany, Italy8, the Netherlands 0,2% min € 22,- 0,50% min EUR 120,-
UK5 0,2% min £ 20,- 0,50% min GBP 100,-
Spain 0,3% min €25,- 0,50% min EUR 120,-
Switzerland 0,3% min CHF 40,- 0,50% min CHF 180,-
Online price information:    
Oslo Børs    
- with 15 minutes’ delay NOK 0,-  
- in real time, price per month NOK 12,50 (incl. VAT)  
- in real time with depth, price per month (personal) NOK 125,00(incl. VAT)  
- per snapshot (Norwegian listed shares and primary capital certificates) NOK 0,25 (incl. VAT)  
Infront by DNB
» All investors  
Stockholm’s stock exchange    
- per snapshot (Swedish listed shares) NOK 0,10  
Custodian fees international shares, annual (via Online trade) 4 :  
Portfolios up to NOK 100.000 NOK 0,-  
Portfolios up to NOK 1.000.000 NOK 500,-9  
Portfolios above NOK 1.000.000 0,05%  
Other fees, international shares:    
Establishment of depository: NOK 0,-  
Transfer of securities to depository for online trading NOK 195,-  
Transfer of securities from depository for NOK 595,-  
Tax refund help (per country) NOK 2 000,-  
Proxy voting at general meetings NOK 5 000,-  
You will also receive free access to news and analyses from DNB Markets.

Trading account  
Prevailing interest on ’Equity Trading Account’ 0,25%3per annum from the first krone

1 All online trade including international and unlisted
2 Only for trading on Oslo Børs
3 Applicable from 4 June 2012
4 For trading through brokers, please contact your broker for prices
5 When buying shares on the London Stock Exchange, a brokerage fee of 0.5% of the trading amount will also be charged to cover the stamp duty (a government tax in England). If the share is registered in Ireland, the stamp duty will be 1 %.
6 Please note that shares on First North, AktieTorget and NGM cannot be traded online. Orders for these market places must therefore be made via a broker.
7 When buying (not selling) shares listed here the trade will be subject to the French Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) equivalent to 0.2 % of trade amount. This tax will apply when trading in companies that are headquartered in France, and whose market capitalization exceeds one billion Euros (EUR) as of January 1, 2012.
8 When buying (not selling) Italian listed shares, with a market cap in excess of € 500 million, the trade will be subject to the Italian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT) equivalent to 0,12 % of the trade amount.
9Note that the annual custody fee will be charged regardless of the time of year the securities account is opened