DNB Connect - corporate internet bank

Up until 2010, we have had one Internet bank for our international corporate customers and another for our Norwegian and Nordic corporate customers. We have now introduced DNB Connect - our new common Internet bank for all our corporate customers, wherever they are located.

DNB Connect is an excellent tool

  • user-friendly and intuitive
  • provides a clear overview of accounts and cash flow management processes
  • manage accounts and user rights – independent of our opening hours
  • ability to stremline processes and have one common subscription for the group if required

DNB Connect - benefits

With DNB Connect, we are launching a new, integrated solution for online banking and digital services. This means that we can give a tailored solution for domestic payments, for each individual country.

DNB Connect is one of the market’s leading corporate Internet systems, and we will continue to give our customers first-class banking services in the future by providing new, digital solutions and services.

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