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Agreed, regular payments from your account to a specified recipient. Suitable for businesses that have regular incoming and outgoing payments.

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  • Avoid reminders

  • More customers pay on time

  • The KID number (customer ID) always follows the transaction

Send invoices which are automatically withdrawn from the recipient’s account

AvtaleGiro is a service where your company can automatically demand regular payments electronically.

There are many benefits with AvtaleGiro:

  • payment is made automatically from the customer’s account on the due date, and gives you better control of liquidity because the payments arrive in your account quicker and more predictably
  • the company saves time and money on sending out reminders and following up on the payments
  • the customer account is automatically updated with who has paid and what the payment is for.

In addition, set up the invoices your company receives to go via AvtaleGiro. This will ensure that your outgoing payments are made on the due date.

Invoice your customers by AvtaleGiro

Make it easy for customers to pay by automatic payment. This means that more customers will pay on time, which is good for liquidity and predictability.

AvtaleGiro is especially suitable for companies that often invoice the same customer.

Pay from the online bank with AvtaleGiro

Spend less time in the online bank and pay the invoices you receive automatically on the due date.

With AvtaleGiro, you get a full overview in the online bank of which payments are outstanding and which have been made.

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