Corporate Internet bank - DNB Connect

DNB Connect gives you a better control of your finances, improving efficiency and saving you time and money.

With the corporate Internet bank you can:

  • Make domestic and international payments and transfers swiftly and simply
  • Send and retrieve files from your accounting system electronically
  • Make credit evaluations of your partners directly in the Internet bank
  • Order products
  • Access your own mailbox and archives. Receive all vouchers and bank statements directly in the Internet bank
  • Administer accounts and user accesses

Corporate agreement with account, card and Internet bank - day to day banking services

The Corporate agreement with account, card and Internet bank, includes the day-to-day banking services your company needs. Get access to your new accounts through Internet banking, and get Corporate Visa without any annual fee.

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Get your accounts talking to each other

With DNB Connect, our international internet bank, you can have all your company's account in one place, whatever the country or currency - even your accounts in other banks.


As an administrator in the corporate Internet bank, you can manage accounts and users in your company. For example, you can specify whether a user only should be able to view account information for the relevant account, or also be authorised to register and approve payments.

Online security

We focus on making our services safe, secure and user-friendly. As a customer, you are also responsible for taking the necessary precautionary measures when using your computer for online services.

Additional services

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