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Switch banks

Do you want to switch from another bank to us? There is no charge for becoming a customer and creating an account at DNB.

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How to switch banks

  1. Become a customer and create an account – if you’re already a customer, you don’t need to become a customer again.
  2. Start a switching banks and move your money to DNB.
Become a customer

Find old account numbers and get started

When you start switching banks, choose the bank and accounts you want to move the money from, and which accounts you want to transfer to. You can move current accounts, savings accounts and BSU home savings scheme accounts.

You can transfer from multiple banks, but only one at a time.

Deposits, payments and AvtaleGiro move at the same time

You can also ensure that future deposits and payments are automatically forwarded to your new accounts at DNB – it’s easy!

If you would like help moving your existing AvtaleGiro to accounts you’re moving from, you can ask us to do it for you.

Change salary account

Make sure your salary comes into the correct account. When you have a new account, remember to tell your employer that you have a new account number for salary payments.

Don’t forget to move the rest

Transfer your home mortgage

Get a home mortgage with favourable conditions.

  • Get quotes for loans

Switch insurance company

Get help moving your insurance policies.

Good reasons to switch banks to DNB

Keep track of your finances in the online bank and mobile app

Valuable financial advisory services

Simple digital services

Switching banks FAQs

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